Affordable Online Store to Find Wireless DMX

Ratpacdimmers has been providing quality dimmer and control service and our mission is to provide the best service possible in an honest and straight forward manner. We provides a wide range of support material, technical information, fixture libraries and the latest software to allow our customers to keep their systems as current as possible. Information regarding discontinued products is included in the list below.


The sensible suppliers can give sensible recommendation thereon due to create your created and will give full recommendation of what and where to place in your system. The versatile systems like ratpac can gives a vary of multiple lighting scenes which can be preset to paint lighting photos or provide mood changes in your home surroundings. The fundamental system is fitted terribly merely, a resistor management for the lamp system is just joined in line with the ability cable to the lamp and additionally the light-weight is absolutely controlled by the wireless controllers. They’re of a robust tiny processor vogue which they’re going to dim lights and even have the flexibleness to reset themselves to line levels, they even have a decent sort of safety choices like over current, temperature termination and voltage surge protection.

6Craig Brink, president of Ratpac variable resistors llc partnered with Kevin Neak to develop the primary Ratpac Dimmer. From then on we have a tendency to are in business of creating our own dimmers in house in U.S.A. Our entire product is ETL listed and are offered available and rent. We’ve twenty four hour support to exchange the prevailing simmer with a replacement wireless variable resistor inside one hour from your order. We’ve used wired variable resistor from the past, however gift wireless dimmers came into existence providing additional options. We all know that variable resistor could be a device that varies the brightness of sunshine, therefore we have a tendency to are providing the simplest product at


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All of our products are now available with wireless DMX control along with our standard DMX input/output jacks. We make our own Dimmers in U.S.A, provide it for rentals and you can know more about this by visiting us at

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